Our Ecosystem

Branden Hampton
the largest independent social media publisher, with over 26M real, engaged followers across a variety of niche-industries on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He is a content, engagement, and branding master who teaches individuals and brands how to maximize their online presence and develop a strong and engaged digital footprint.

Website: brandenhampton.com

Elevator Night
a curated experience bringing together some of the most successful and affluent individuals from around the globe for a focused opportunity to invest in a selection of hand-picked and committee reviewed companies. For the past 5 years Elevator Night has brought together angel investors & venture capitalists with start-up founders, members of the media and wealthy businessmen looking to diversify their investments and expand their network in a room full of like-minded people.

Website: elevatornights.com

Greg Centineo
Over the last three decades of Greg Centineo's life, he has followed the path of entrepreneurism, leading him to a variety of industries and profound business start-ups. Through his achievements, he has mastered the art and the psychology of what moves people to believe in an idea, invest in an idea and commit their time and energy to help create the idea.

Website: gregcentineo.com

Oh, and we are also partnered with:

Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce