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Fast and Flexible

Augusta Hitech’s unique market position is another value add for our Professional Services. We’re a fast-moving, mid-sized company, meaning we have the workforce depth to handle large-scale demand without being weighed down by bureaucracy and internal processes. That makes us more flexible and adaptable than large competitors while offering better outcomes and comparable capacity. In almost every case, we’ll have a team fully trained, integrated, and at their desks in 1-2 weeks from initial contact. 

It also keeps costs extremely competitive—as low as half of what a major firm would charge. 

Team sizes are fully dependent on need, ranging from 2 people to 100 and including all possible levels and areas of expertise: technical leads, architects, engineers from a dozen departments, product managers, QA experts, and anything else you might need. 
While most of our Professional Services contracts last 3 to 6 months, we can establish long-term, multi-year relationships where appropriate. 

Governance and Vision

Our professional services process begins with governance. CEO Karthik Pichai and CSO Sean Caputo sit down with your executives to define a business plan and key executables, including details of revenue, profitability, and outcomes. Typical goals are ambitious: build or modernize full technical systems, catch up to a competitor or develop a lead over the competition. 

Then, we select a purpose-built team to accomplish those objectives. If employees need specialized trainings, we cover it. If the project needs experienced assistance, one of our department heads will step in and get it done. We’ll adjust teams to meet specific needs and design multi-phase custom relationships to accommodate the development stage of smaller businesses. Before work starts, we’ll take the time to integrate our team thoroughly into the workflows, processes, terminology, and systems your company relies on, creating the kind of environment that leads to smooth, efficient project completion. 

Throughout this process, our senior leadership approaches the partnership as a full-blown collaboration of expertise, time, and goals, as well as an opportunity to show you what Augusta employees can do. Reach out here to learn more. 

Best in the Business

Our Professional Services division starts every year with predictions. Our Innovation Team assesses trends reports and our own data to define an innovation plan to keep us ahead of industry change. Over the next several months, we work individually with every single Augusta employee to to map out their contributions, aspirations, and new trainings and technical certifications. The focus on their own goals leads to one of the most intrinsically motivated and highly engaged workforces in the business. Our churn rate is close to zero, and productivity is so high that employees spend between 20% and 50% of their time on fully-funded education and independent projects when not on extended teams assignments. 

That quality translates fully into our extended teams. Augusta Professional Services teams are built from our own core employees, and have the certifications, trainings, experience, and focus you’d expect. If your business goals call for new capabilities, we’ll make the internal investment needed to meet that need. 

We look forward to showing you what our people have to offer. 

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