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Software Engineering

Your idea is our responsibility. Leveraging all modern day technologies and keeping your Business objectives our priority, we engineer your product with deliberate consideration and make sure that it performs best in the practical market. We believe in action, innovation, results and revenue – that’s what Augusta is all about.

Strategy & Consulting

Businesses don’t suffer from a lack of resources; they suffer due to a failure in implementing them effectively. There are no shortcuts in business and through our years of research, competitive expertise, innovation and arsenal of latest technologies, we ensure a sustainable and efficient growth strategy for your brand that gets results.

Blockchain Technologies

Secure, Smart and Scalable; qualities of a successful business based on Blockchain. We specialize in Blockchain solutions such as Custom Blockchain development, Blockchain testing and enhancing security and mobility in diverse fields like healthcare, audit, supply chain and agriculture.

A.I Artificial Intelligence

Every modern business that has transformed itself did it through automation and efficient decision making and these factors owe their existence to artificial intelligence. Our artificial intelligence expertise is responsible for enhanced Business Intelligence, Customer experience and increase in business revenue.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

In the modern world, those who control data control everything. The utilization of business data to its true potential is an absolute game changer as it allows you to understand your users better, comprehend the market realistically and in targeted decision making. Learn how we take your data and transform it into an asset.

IoT Internet of Things

Every user interaction from the devices connected through the internet yields a large amount of unstructured data. To streamline business operations, we implement the latest methods that propel your business forward through the power of IoT.


The market demands innovation and it demands it fast. Most enterprises lag behind due to complex collaboration systems and lack of clarity. Our DevOps solution bridges all gaps in your business processes and guarantees agile, automated and sustainable product delivery to the market.

Cloud Consulting

For a business that solves a real problem, cloud is crucial. From reducing IT system & managing costs to allowing seamless scalability and collaboration - an effective cloud infrastructure does it all. Augusta specializes in high-level Cloud Infrastructures, migrations, and exclusive enterprise cloud solutions.

Quality Engineering

The only way for a business to have a long lasting impact and a sustainable goodwill is through ensuring supreme quality. It sounds simple but when it comes to large scale corporations, quality is critical. Over the years, we have has generated significant results through innovative quality engineering and streamlined processes that wins customers’ trust and ensure a strong brand image.

Technology Programs

UX/UI Design

Most businesses succeed in creating the value they want to offer but the reason they fail is inadequate value delivery. What do your users ‘feel’ when they interact with your product and what do they expect; these are the factors that define a brand. Our team of experts is responsible for creating an engaging, meaningful and value-centered user experience for your product that results in enhanced engagement, more conversions and a surge in overall revenue.

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