Stop Gap Dental - Secret Tips and Tricks

December 27, 2021

Stop Gap Dental, (SGD) the ultimate dental solution app, was officially launched in March, 2019. SGD utilizes a proprietary booking system that has revolutionized how dental offices and professionals are able to find and fill immediate temporary and future vacancies. The simplicity, convenience, and security of SGD has technologized the interaction between dental offices and dental professionals. SGD was designed and built to eliminate the inevitable problems and stress triggers faced in the dental industry. SGD was adapted to fit the industry's needs, ranging from personnel recruitment, posting and finding work opportunities, managing your schedule, making secure instant payments, tax tools and more. SGD is the dental industry's long-anticipated solution to the myriad of issues currently experienced. The vast capabilities of SGD utilize a patent pending algorithm that has far surpassed any prior solution or technology. The intelligent design of SGD is feature rich with a robust user interface for ease of use that is a culmination of factors derived from users geographical location, current and/or future needs, availability, position type and skill set matching. SGD is the only solution for you!

The Secret: My Financials within the Dashboard of SGD

SGD gives dental offices and personnel the power to create, promote, and manage their careers. The platform manages your work schedule and simplifies filing of taxes with its inbuilt financial capabilities. Sarah Penland, Founder/CEO of SGD worked with licensed tax professionals to create the My Financials feature to provide a truly novel twist. Any and all jobs, payments and earnings are automatically saved. You can manually add expenses related to a specific job or your career in general, both of which can export to your CPA with a simple tap helping you make the most of available deductions. The abundance of features in SGD were individually curated to provide exceptional solutions. Another standout feature of SGD is its dual capability for finding and filling available jobs. This feature has revamped prior singular concepts of how jobs are filled. This dual feature of SGD allows dental offices to view the profile and reviews of and send a Request directly to industry personnel to fill an available temp job while simultaneously allowing industry personnel to view the profiles and reviews of and submit a bid directly to dental offices offering available temp jobs. This integral process has doubled the user’s opportunity for success.

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The XLDent dental practice management system takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental program available. XLDent is committed to the continual development of electronic health records, and features realistic tooth charts, restorative and periodontal exams, and progress notes. With XLDent, you will be equipped with a practice management software that is designed to improve productivity and profitability, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to focus on patient care. XLDent incorporates solutions to fully automate your practice and be truly paperless. XLDent is suitable for any dental specialty, is multi-location capable, and has cloud-based options.

The Secret: Enhanced data management with enhanced grids

The XLDent practice management software features enhanced grids, giving practice’s the power to sort, filter, and group complex lists of data. One of the biggest challenges a dental practice faces is finding the information they need in the sea of data. The enhanced grids in XLDent give dental teams the ability to organize and arrange patient record details in real-time. For example, when insurance claim follow-up occurs, enhanced grids eliminate the need to generate and print a report. In the interactive grid, all outstanding claim details are accessible on-demand. Drag-and-drop functionality allows data to be arranged in a way that is most efficient for the practice. Single or multi-field sorting is done with a simple click of the mouse or tap on the screen. Data can quickly be filtered and grouped by either single or multiple fields at once. The demands of managing a busy dental practice require the equally matched capabilities of the XLDent practice management solution. XLDent and enhanced grids allow users to manage data with modern tools and navigation, in a simple interface with powerful capabilities.

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