UX Design

UX design lays the foundation to your product’s success

User experience design ensures that products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful. The user’s experience will increase engagement, improve conversion, and define the overall usage of your product.

UX design can raise conversion rates by as much as 400%

While marketing and advertising draw in customers, good UX keeps your users coming back. Companies who value and invest in UX have seen marked success. Top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35%.

UX design improves both upcoming and existing products

Our UX services can benefit any business with a website or digital platform. From up-and-coming startups to established corporations, UX has the power to optimize your business and unlock it’s true potential. Talk to us to learn more.

Our Process

Following the design thinking process, we start by identifying the problem through user research. After persona definition and results analysis, we generate ideas aimed at solving the given point of friction. We then select the most efficient strategies for our approach. Next we design the user interface, test it with target customers, and refine as needed.

UX Services Include

Competitive Analysis

Gain insight on the competitive landscape to strategically position your product.

AH Education Programs

App & Website Audits

Audits and current-state usability tests are useful for evaluating your current digital product. Uncover any hidden usability issues that might be hindering your business.

Discovery Research

Depending on your needs, a discovery phase to gain insights can be beneficial.

Analytical Studies

Usability testing, card-sorting tests, A/B testing, and more are all helpful tools to evaluate how effective a current or proposed design is at helping your customers achieve their goals.

Wireframes & High-Fidelity Designs

From basic wireframes to set the architecture of the design, to polished high-fidelity designs, our design team can design for every step of the process.

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